eBook Pundit is the platform to help self-publishing authors to write, edit, publish, and market their ebooks.  At the same time, it also helps ebook readers by recommending top books on different topics and genres.

Behind eBook Pundit, we are a group of ebook enthusiasts. We have several years of working experience in the ebook industry. We have worked with authors in formatting, designing, publishing, and marketing their books. We have felt the need for a platform where authors can get their much sought-after helps in their book publishing and marketing journey.  We hope we will be able to serve that purpose through this platform.

At eBook Pundit, we also share ebook recommendations/book lists for ebook readers. We spent numerous amounts of time creating the lists. We do in-depth research about book descriptions, ratings, and reviews from real people. We believe that the books we list are one of the bests in the mentioned theme. We strongly believe that our book lists will save you ample time and effort, especially when you are looking for the right book out of millions available there. But we do not guarantee the actual quality of the book or whether you will like it after using it. So, it is your sole duty to make your own judgment before purchasing any book.

We hope you will keep with us. Enjoy and explore eBook Pundit.

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