5 Books For Nail Technicians To Finesse Their Skills

Nail technicians are professionals who specialize in providing various nail care services. This includes manicures, pedicures, nail art, and nail extensions. Nail technicians are skilled in these services. Further, they are knowledgeable about different nail products and techniques and can advise clients on the best options for their needs. Additionally, they make sure to sanitize their products and workspace to prevent the spread of infections. Thus, becoming a nail technician requires one to learn everything related to nails. Moreover, they must complete training programs and may even require a license. If you want to become a nail technician or want to finesses your existing skills, we have got you covered. This list provides the 5 best books for nail technicians. 

The List of 5 Best Books for Nail Technicians

Below we have listed the 5 best books for nail technicians. They cover everything you need to know as a nail technician. This includes designs for nail art, information about infections, manicure-pedicure skills, and much more!

1. Milady Standard Nail Technology By Milady

Milady Standard Nail Technology by Milady best books for nail technicians

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Milady Standard Nail Technology is packed with new and updated information on several important topics. This includes infection control, manicuring, pedicuring, chemistry, UV gels, and the salon business. Moreover, procedural photographs complement step-by-step instructions. Also included is a “Why Study?” section at the beginning of each chapter, outlining the importance of understanding the concepts presented. Chapter objectives have also been revised to provide measurable, outcomes-based goals that can later be assessed using the end-of-chapter review questions. This latest edition of Milady Standard Nail Technology gives aspiring nail technicians the tools they need to launch themselves into a rewarding and successful career.

2. DIY Nail Art: Easy, Step-by-Step Instructions for 75 Creative Nail Art Designs By Catherine Rodgers

DIY Nail Art by Rodgers best books for nail technicians

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Black Lace. Summer Citrus. Hot Pink Zebra. Get ready for nails that will make others notice you! Catherine Rodgers, creator of the popular nail art YouTube Channel Totally Cool Nails, shares her secrets in DIY Nail Art. Packed with easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips for recreating Catherine’s stunning looks, you can create one-of-a-kind nail art designs with this book. Furthermore, inside this colorful guide to all things nails, you’ll find seventy-five eye-catching designs including never-before-seen styles. Last but not least, the book is filled with step-by-step photographs so you can nail your look every time!

3. The Complete Nail Technician By Marian Newman

The Complete Nail Technician by Newman

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Fully updated with the latest industry standards, this Edition of The Complete Nail Technician is a must-have for every nail technician. Moreover, it is useful for the first-time student studying towards their Level 2 or 3 qualification as well as the practicing professional seeking to refresh their skills. This respected book will appeal to those who want to develop excellence in their chosen profession. Written in Newman’s accessible and professional style, this text provides readers with the benefit of her extensive experience by passing on top tips and advice. Furthermore, it is the only nail textbook Habia and VTCT endorse, and is an essential reference manual for all nail technicians and manicurists.

4. Face-To-Face with Doug Schoon Volume I: Science and Facts about Nails/nail Products for the Educationally Inclined By Doug Schoon

Face to face by Doug Schoon

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Doug Schoon is an internationally-recognized scientist with a Masters’s Degree in Chemistry, with over 30 years of experience in the cosmetic beauty and personal care industry. He is a leading industry authority, known for his technical and regulatory work that has helped shape the beauty industry. Schoon has authored several books about salon products, safety, and best practices for salon professionals. His book has become essential reading for nail salon professionals. Accordingly, he has a very matter-of-fact, easy-to-understand way of explaining even the most intricate subjects. Thus, even the newest nail technician doesn’t feel unknowledgeable. Moreover, the book is an easy read, and should be required reading for all nail technology instruction courses! Uniquely, this book is full of questions/answers and is a wonderful tool for any nail technician. 

5. A Complete Guide to Manicure & Pedicure By Leigh Toselli

The Complete Nail Technician by Newman

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This book is equally useful to beauty professionals, cosmetology students, and those who want to achieve expert results at home. The practical instruction and extensive illustrations provided here demonstrate all there is to know about properly grooming the hands, nails, and feet. Beginning with the internal structure of the feet, hands, and nails, the instruction continues with the selection and proper use of creams, cuticle scissors, files, and other essential tools. Moreover, the French manicure technique, application of acrylic nails and tips, using nail wraps, and emergency fixes for broken nails are all included. Also featured are spa and salon manicure and pedicure routines, foot and hand massage and reflexology techniques, and professional secrets for a perfect polish.

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This article lists the 5 best books for nail technicians. They are useful for beginners in the field as well as professionals. So, if you want to learn anything about nail technology, look no further! These books have it all. 

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