5 Books To Excel in Event Management and Planning

How often do you notice an event around you? Probably every single week. As we are advancing as a civilization, the need of hosting events has increased by many folds. And of course, etiquette and management must be top-notch. This puts a lot of pressure on the host. To make things easier, event planners are available to hire. By trusting a skilled professional, you can heave a sigh of relief and concentrate on other important tasks. All these point to one thing, event management is on the rise as a profession. Give the following books a read to gain ample knowledge on event management.

List of the 5 Best Event Management Books

Here, we have a curated list of the best event management books. Since we have done the searching, you can safely choose any book and follow its guidelines.

1. Start Your Own Event Planning Business: Your Step-By-Step Guide To Success (StartUp Series) By The Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Cheryl Kimball

Start Your Own Event Planning Business By The Staff of Entrepreneur Media and Cheryl Kimball best event management books

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In case you are contemplating on starting your own event planning business, this book is the solution. Let’s face it, we all want posh events for our weddings, graduations, and birthdays. And how often do we wish someone skilled could do it for us? Plenty. To be that exact someone is your goal and this book is here to guide you through the process. If event planning is your passion, allow this book to turn it into a flourishing business. This book will teach you how to:

  • Establish an identity within the industry
  • Identify the perfect niche
  • Create targeted strategies
  • Promote your business
  • Develop Proposals and contracts
  • Seek potential clients
  • Work within a fixed budget
  • What’s more, the book entails interviews with successful event planners. So go grab the book to
  • celebrate your own event of success!

2. Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide To Successful Meetings, Corporate Events, Fundraising Galas, Conferences, Conventions, Incentives and Other Special Events By Judy Allen

Event Planning: The Ultimate Guide By Judy Allen best event management books

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This bestselling guide is back in a better form in the market. It brings with it the latest trends and practices to skyrocket your event planning business. The author, Judy Allen, is the founder of a full-service event planning company. So without a doubt, this book is the real deal. It comes with practical tools to execute any special event. You will learn about risk assessment and the pros and cons of innovations in technology. Further, you will get clarification on budget planning and airport stress. The more we write, the more its good sides pop up. Hence it is safe to say that trusting this bestseller will in no way disappoint you.

3. Event Management For Dummies By Laura Capell

Event Management For Dummies By Laura Capell best event management books

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Undoubtedly, any book on the “dummies” series is for beginners and veterans alike. The book in discussion is no different. It is fabulously packed with tips and tricks on events. Also, it has all the points you need to plan and run an event. Further, it will help you reach the completion of events with visible success. The book will guide you to budget, schedule and promote like seasoned event planners. Finding the right location and sorting security are explained in the book. It further comes with adept information on building a successful career in event management. The author has covered every aspect of event management in this book.

4. The Event Manager’s Bible 3rd Edition: The Complete Guide To Planning and Organising a Voluntary or Public Event By D.G. Conway

The Event Manager’s Bible 3rd Edition best event management books

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Successfully organizing an event is every event manager’s ideal goal. And to do it in compliance with legislation is a huge bonus, This book will not just blurt out instructions. Instead, it will bring your focus to researching, planning, and management. All hosted events are not confined to birthdays and weddings. Thus, this book comes to the rescue be it running a carnival or gymkhana. While the principles are still the same, the execution is different in a few areas. The writer, Des Conway has been directly involved in event management since 1980. So he knows firsthand what it is like to run an event. Get practical advice from an experienced event planner through this book.

5. Event Planning: Management & Marketing For Successful Events: Become an event planning pro & create a successful event By Alex Genadinik

Event Planning: Management & Marketing By Alex Genadinik best event management books

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Growth in attendance at any hosted event is a business owner’s dream. Hence, event management is crucial in this aspect. This book mainly targets business owners who wish to::

  • Promote their business
  • Expand their business
  • Navigate attendees to be potential clients
  • Increase Revenue

All these points are vital to make your events grow. And this is exactly what author Alex Genadinik aims to do. Through Event marketing, Event Planning, and Event management skills, you can host productive events with ease. Also, even if this book won’t directly help seasoned planners, it will definitely bring improvement. Do give this book a read to host successful events and up your business.



To sum things up, the business of event management is very much on the rise. And to take advantage of this you can be an event manager yourself. All of the above-mentioned books will thoroughly guide you in the field of event management.

Rana Yesmeen is a Computer Science Graduate who is an avid reader in her spare time. She is passionate about bringing the old essence of books back into today's technology-driven society. Through Ebook pundit, she intends to help people on their quest to find the right book.

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