12 Books on IBS To Heal Your Gut

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a long-term condition that affects a person’s digestive system. It causes recurrent abdominal pain and discomfort. About 1 in 6 people are diagnosed with IBS and 2 in 3 sufferers are women. The good news is that only a small number of people experience serious symptoms. IBS is manageable with proper maintenance of diet, lifestyle and stress. On the other hand, counseling and medication are available for severe symptoms. We have created a curated list of the 12 best books on IBS that will help you manage IBS and get a better understanding of it. Read on to gather knowledge from the best IBS books out there.

The List of 12 Best IBS books

We thoroughly researched and listed the best IBS books below. The provided information will enlighten readers with expert advice to identify, manage and improve IBS significantly and live a healthier life in general.

1. The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook: The Proven Low-FODMAP Plan for Eating Well and Feeling Great By Patsy Catsos

The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook By Patsy Catsos best IBS books

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Undoubtedly, diet is of immense importance when it comes to reversing the severity of IBS symptoms. Author Patsy Catsos beautifully structured the book to treat IBS through diet instead of medication. This book introduces readers to the Low-FODMAP plan. This diet eliminates FODMAPs(difficult-to-digest carbohydrates which are regularly consumed) and then reintroduces them one by one to reduce IBS flare-ups. The guidance in the book will allow its reader to both identify and manage IBS and lead a pain-free life. Delectable recipes are included in the book to enjoy the healing journey and stick to it.

2. The 28-Day PLAN for IBS relief: 100 Simple Low-FODMAP Recipes to Soothe Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome By Audrey Inouye and Lauren Renlund

The 28-Day PLAN for IBS relief by Audrey Inouye best IBS books

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People diagnosed with IBS often complain of losing interest in food. This book caters to helping its readers indulge in good food while healing the gut internally. It takes the low-FODMAP diet approach and allows readers to create their own diets based on individual food tolerances. Authors Audrey Inouye and Lauren Renlund came up with excellent ideas in the book where one can plan a one-month guide, learn to identify high-FODMAP ingredients in food labels, and track progress in the journaling space. You can easily set personal goals and achieve them by following the instructions, making it one of the best IBS books out there. This can help people diagnosed with IBS thrive as they heal and enjoy food at the same time.

3. Making Sense of IBS: A Physician Answers Your Questions about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (A Johns Hopkins Press Health Book) By Dr. Brian E. Lacy

Making Sense of IBS By Brian E. Lacy

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Oftentimes, we seek professional advice from experts to treat certain medical conditions. It is quite difficult to reach a doctor every time a problem or question arises. With this book, you can get adequate information on IBS from a physician and author Dr. Brian E. Lacy; the author uses information from years of experience to develop the book. It is for people who suffer from IBS symptoms and also for healthcare professionals to get a better insight into IBS. The book contains content on what to expect from the treatment and how to make gastroenterologist visits more favorable. It is a must-have resource for anyone with IBS and for people who want detailed information on IBS.

4. Calm Your Gut: A Mindful and Compassionate Guide to Healing IBD and IBS By Cara Wheatley-McGrain

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The human body is vastly connected to the mind. Research has shown that mindful eating leads to better food intake as people are present at the moment and eat just the required portion, not too much, not too less. Similarly, author Cara Wheatley-McGrain takes a mindful and intuitive approach to healing IBS in this book. The author herself struggled with gut issues, and her own experience led her to write this book, where science meets intuition beautifully and leads to calming of symptoms.

5. Reclaim Your Life from IBS 2nd Edition By Melissa G. Hunt

Reclaim Your Life from IBS By Melissa G. Hunt best IBS books

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In this book, author Melissa G. Hunt teaches numerous skills to manage and minimize IBS symptoms effectively. This book teaches the cognitive model of stress management. It guides readers to recognize negativity from the thought process and learn to modify diet and medication sensibly, instead of avoiding altogether. A restrictive diet is not always the cure for IBS and in this book, readers will learn how to heal from within through core CBT skills. The book of help for clinicians as well.

6. IBS For Dummies By Carolyn Dean and L. Christine Wheeler

IBS For Dummies By Carolyn Dean

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This easy-to-follow book walks its readers through all aspects of IBS and helps finalize a proper treatment plan. It is loaded with the latest information on nutrition, diet, and lifestyle to help cure IBS. IBS is a frustrating condition indeed, wherein one feels like the quality of life is reduced. Authors Carolyn Dean and L. Christine Wheeler came up with one of the best IBS books to help readers with simple guidelines and plans anyone can understand. Upon completion of this book, readers will learn how to diagnose the problem, detect warning signs, reduce stress, manage weight and embark on a proper diet that actually works.

7. More Than A Gut Feeling: Natural And Simple Steps For Tackling IBS And Ulcerative Colitis By Marc Mclean

More Than A Gut Feeling By Marc Mclean best IBS books

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Journalist and author Marc Mclean worked on this masterpiece which is no ordinary book. He suffered from IBS and severe ulcerative colitis before commencing a 10-year journey of natural healing of the gut and liver. This book is structured with detailed information from his healing journey that focuses on safe, natural healing methods. The importance of liver detoxification is given immense importance and a hidden root cause of most digestive disorders is shared by the author. It has invaluable information on reducing inflammation in the digestive system and how a mere shift in the thought process can kickstart the healing of the gut. Moreover, real-life stories of people who used the given methods are shared for further inspiration. To sum everything up, it is a perfect handbook to take control of IBS and ulcerative colitis naturally without being solely dependent on medication.

8. The Microbiome Connection: Your Guide to IBS, SIBO, and Low-Fermentation Eating By Dr. Mark Pimentel and Dr. Ali Rezaie

The Microbiome Connection: Your Guide to IBS By Dr. Mark Pimentel best books on IBS

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This book is a little different from the previous ones. It focuses on the microbiome and its connection to digestive balance. Doctors Pimentel and Rezaie explain the internal problems of IBS/SIBO patients and discuss management and treatment options that are very likely to work. The information is evident-based and provides insight into meal plans that promote gut health. Also, foods that feed bacteria are listed and advised to avoid. Readers of this book will get an overall picture of the microbiome and strive toward recovery.

9. The First Year: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)–An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed By Heather Van Vorous

The First Year: IBS By By Heather Van Vorous

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An IBS sufferer can be best understood by someone in the same boat. This book gives the reader rich information from Heather Van Vorous, a patient-expert, and author who has managed IBS for fifteen whole years! She is a live example of success in terms of IBS and takes you through a year-long journey of guidance and healing through this book. This is amazing for patients who want permanent results.

10. What’s Wrong With IBS Medicine: An IBS Health Coach’s Advice on How to Navigate IBS Treatment for Success for IBS Patients By Amanda Malachesky

What's Wrong With IBS Medicine By Amanda Malachesky best IBS books

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This book is crucial for patients who are tired of medical care failing their condition. It is for people who want alternative approaches that heal and show proper results. Effective treatment which is an amazing substitute for painful diagnostics is offered through this book. The book explores common root causes of IBS and provides a roadmap to ease disturbing symptoms to heal from within. Author Amanda Malachesky came up with the perfect blend of facts and information that opens the reader’s mind to a new conception of IBS.

11. The Gut-Friendly Cookbook: Delicious Low-FODMAP, Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Recipes for a Happy Tummy By Alana Scott

The Gut-Friendly Cookbook By Alana Scott

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Alana Scott designed this beautiful cookbook to satiate the need for tasty meals and heal the gut simultaneously. The book follows a low FODMAP diet and avoids very common triggers which otherwise seem like healthy options. The writer suffers from IBS, so following the recipes developed by her is a win-win for IBS patients.

12. The Healthy, Happy Gut Cookbook: Simple, Non-Restrictive Recipes to Treat IBS, Bloating, Constipation and Other Digestive Issues the Natural Way By Dr. Heather Finley

The Healthy, Happy Gut Cookbook By Dr. Heather Finley

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The last book on the list is by Dr. Heather Finley which is also a cookbook. She designed these recipes to heal digestive disorders and make life easier through healthier, tastier food. Moreover, the reader gets to point out signs of underlying gut problems by using information from the book. It helps the reader plan wholesome meals and thrive with proper digestive health, all while satisfying taste buds.



The above-mentioned books are the best IBS books out there. These books provide information on healing IBS through diet, management, and lifestyle. Even if one does not suffer from IBS, the knowledge from these books will help prevent chronic digestive disorders in the future. These books will not only help those who suffer from IBS but also healthcare practitioners to get a better grasp of the condition.

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