7 Trucking Business Books For Entrepreneurship

The trucking business is one of the most profitable businesses today. It involves transporting necessary goods all across the country all year long. In the US the trucking industry earned $875.5 billion in 2021. As this business is always running there is profit even in situations of economic or national crisis. The best trucking business books will help you through.

The List of 7 Best Trucking Business Books

Here is a list of the best trucking books for you to turn you into the best entrepreneur in this demanding sector.

1. Freight Broker and Trucking Business Startup: The most complete Guide to Starting, Growing and successfully running your own Freight Brokerage Business and Trucking Company with a Practical Step-by-Step System By Terence Hargraves

Freight Broker and Trucking Business Startup By Terence Hargraves best trucking business books

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Today the truck freight industry is generating more profit for many independent individuals compared to other sectors. Consequently, this book talks about how to start a fleet and earn by driving or managing brokers. Here the author draws expert knowledge on setting up the business, licensing, financing, and managing all the paperwork. Thus, this book can be your best guide to beginning your new business.

2. Trucking Business Startup: The Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Starting & Maintaining a Successful Trucking Company Even if You’re an Absolute Beginner
By Walter Grant & Gary Field

Trucking Business Startup By Walter Grant & Gary Field best trucking business books

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The boom in the retail industry has resulted in a shortage of drivers. Hence, this is your time to step into the trucking business with the guidance of trucking business books. This book tells you how to begin the business by first fetching the best clients. Secondly, you learn how to set the best rates for the service. Eventually, you shall get to know how to secure the funds and generate cash flow from the business.

3. TRUCKING BUSINESS STARTUP: A complete manual for the entrepreneur of a work-from-home automated trucking company on a budget By Trucking Business Solutions

TRUCKING BUSINESS STARTUP By Trucking Business Solutions best trucking business books

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The trucking business industry greatly increases your ability to earn an immense amount of money due to the booming internet commerce. You just have to employ the right people in the right way to get rich. However, it may seem like a hefty task to begin such a business. This step-by-step guide will be the perfect companion in your journey to success. The author tells how to calculate the cost per mile in addition to providing details about limited company taxation. Also, you have a full guide for the trucking business inside. So hurry up and get the book.

4. Mission Possible: How to build a business for our times By Alexandre Mars

Mission Possible: How to build a business for our times By Alexandre Mars

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In this book, Alexandre Mars teaches the readers all it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. Additionally, the writer is a millionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Therefore, he is able to share all the tips and tricks you need. Here you shall get all the experiences of the most successful entrepreneurs. For instance, the founder of Pinterest and the monk who made Headspace. Thus you can draw the knowledge from this book and apply it in your trucking business easily.

5. Running a Trucking Business Startup: The A-Z Guide to Creating a Profitable Trucking Business Even During a Recession By Tom Jason

Running a Trucking Business Startup By Tom Jason best trucking business books

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The secret to becoming financially independent is revealed in the book. As the name suggests this book has the strategy to succeed in the trucking business. In the transportation sector, there are ways to make a lot of money despite the current global economic crisis. Read the book to learn tips on how to make a profit through an easy and guided trucking business.

6. Freight Broker and Trucking Business Startup 2022/2023: How to Start, Grow and Run your own Freight and Cargo Brokerage Company. Launch your 3PL Firm without mistakes and maximize Profits By Lincoln Harley

Freight Broker and Trucking Business Startup 2022/2023 By Lincoln Harley best trucking business books

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This latest collection from the list of best trucking business books tells us how much of the market is now favorable for freight brokers. In the book, the author emphasizes the steps needed to start a business besides providing a guideline to achieve sustainability. Lincoln Harley includes in the book everything from what to know before starting, getting the license to the online and offline marketing techniques.

7. Trucking Business Guide for Beginners: Start Your Owner-Operator Company With Less Headache (Business Guides for Beginners) By Shaun M. Durrant

Trucking Business Guide for Beginners By Shaun M. Durrant best trucking business books

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This book is one great way to make a career in the trucking business. Although it may appear to be a huge task to own and control a trucking business by yourself if you know all the tips and tricks you can make it big too. So the beginner’s guide coaches you on how to spend your money right from the beginning. It also contains details about tax payments. You will know how to keep your rates high yet get more customers.


There was your list of the top 8 trucking business books. The tips and tricks in the book along with the thorough details explained emphatically by the experience authors will make your journey in the sector easier than ever. If you are planning to begin your trucking business get one of these books and start making loads of money.


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