5 Vedic Astrology Books To Boost Positivity and Well-Being

You may have read the daily horoscope at times that tells you how your day shall pass. But do you know that the position of stars and planets can be used to influence your life positively? It is believed if one can learn the right way to read the sky above us they can positively influence their lives. Findings say that one in every four Americans believes in astrology is the time for you to learn the science of Vedic astrology so that you can take control of your present and future. Read the best Vedic astrology books mentioned in the list to find out more.

List of The 5 Best Vedic Astrology Books

Make the complex concepts of spiritual karma and planetary position and birth charts easy by reading the best books on Vedic astrology.

1. Vedic Astrology for Beginners: An Introduction to the Origins and Core Concepts of Jyotish By Pamela McDonough

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If you understand Vedic astrology well, you can spring a balance among the physical, mental, and spiritual elements of your daily life. Our top book on the list by Pamela McDonough contains the basic concepts of birth charts, planets, lunar mansions, houses, and other astrological elements. The author elaborates on the origin of Vedic astrology while clearly portraying its distinction from western astrology. Readers can learn to analyze the birth chart besides learning how to calculate planetary placements to predict the future. Also, there are details of each planet’s profiles and zodiac signs for beginners and experts.

2. The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology: The Foundation Course By W. Ryan Kurczak & Richard Fish

The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology: The Foundation Course By W. Ryan Kurczak & Richard Fish

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Vedic astrology is the yogic science that takes the soul toward its destiny. The Art and Science of Vedic Astrology stand as one of the best Vedic astrology books for several reasons. Firstly, the author teaches all about the birth chart, planets, houses, and other astrological elements.  Secondly, well-organized lessons in a tutorial course format allow the readers to harness cosmological trends easily. To add to these, the book talks about the Vimshotari Dasha System, Jyotish Ayurveda, and various astrological remedies that can better daily life. Hence, get this book today to build a strong foundation in Vedic Astrology.

3. Vedic Astrology Secrets for Beginners: The Complete Guide on Jyotish and Traditional Indian and Hindu Astrology: Ancient Teachings for the Soul, Relationships, Self-Esteem & Spiritual Growth By Manjula Tara

Vedic Astrology Secrets for Beginners By Manjula Tara

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Unlock the secrets of Vedic astrology and break the negative patterns of your daily life today. Thus, allow the stars to guide your life by learning to decipher the birth charts and planetary positions from this book. Drawn from the deep dense knowledge of the ancient Vedas this beginner’s guide is written in a simple and easy manner. In this book, you can learn all the basic terms of Vedic astrology besides getting to know how the position of celestial bodies can govern our personal life. So, without wasting any more time take the chance to make your career, health, and relationships better by reading the stars.

4. Vedic Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to Hindu Astrology and the 12 Zodiac Signs By Mari Silva

Vedic Astrology: The Ultimate Guide to Hindu Astrology and the 12 Zodiac Signs By Mari Silva

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Do you wonder why you do not get as much success as you deserve? Or why you are sad on certain days and happy on others? Vedic Astrology has the answers to all such questions. In this book, you will learn what is Vedic astrology and the branches it covers. Also, you will know why and how the movements of the planets affect your regular life. The writer provides a detailed description of the 12 Zodiacs and signs. In addition, he also explains to the readers how mathematics can be used with astrology to bring balance to life. Moreover, lessons on how to read and use the birth charts are thoroughly explained with concepts of auspicious and inauspicious timings and Karma.

5. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra: A Compendium in Vedic Astrology: 2 Volumes By Maharishi Parasara (Author), Girish Chand Sharma (Author)

Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra: A Compendium in Vedic Astrology By Maharishi Parasara (Author), Girish Chand Sharma (Author)

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Learn ancient Indian Vedic Astrology from the super sage Maharishi Parasara for the best outcomes. Nurture the knowledge of complex Vedic science in addition to learning how the stars work. What makes this book special is that it contains the teachings of one of the eighteen special ancient Indian sages. Besides teaching us how to predict the future, the book also contains lessons on the Dasa system, harmonic charts, and Avasthas, or positions of planets. This classic compilation remains one of the top-rated Vedic astrology available.

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Take a control of your life and future by reading the 5 best Vedic astrology books today. Learn all about Vedic zodiac signs, birth charts, and other astrological elements that can affect your regular life. Also, get to know how Vedic astrology is different from western ones. Thereby, discover the ancient Vedic secrets that will help your life align with the right stars so that you can live a better and fulfilled life.

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