5 Books on Landscaping To Enhance Your Property

Landscaping will make your property as picturesque as artwork in a frame. In other words, landscaping is a visible improvement in the appearance and value of a piece of land. It not only makes property aesthetically pleasing, but also entails several other benefits. For example, it increases the value of your home, reduces energy costs by improving air circulation, and is good for the environment. We have listed 5 of the best landscaping books below. Read on to landscape like a pro!

The 5 Best Landscaping Books

A curated list of the 5 best landscaping books is provided below for your convenience. We came up with it so you don’t have to. Simply gather information from these books to make your property look and feel like a million dollars.

1. Encyclopedia of Landscape Design: Planning, Building, and Planting Your Perfect Outdoor Space By DK

Encyclopedia of Landscape Design By DK best landscapping books

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This book by DK publishing is a powerhouse of practical landscaping knowledge. It is targeted towards beginners and experts alike. From this book, you will learn:

  • Every step of the design process
  • Different landscape styles
  • Identification of key elements to creating a certain landscape design
  • Utilizing the visual directory of plants and materials provided in the book
  • Choosing the correct materials
  • Assessing drainage
  • Vital information on plantations and ponds

On top of that, the book is enriched with case studies and gold medal-winning landscapes. It displays inspirational landscaping portfolios for you to look up to. Most importantly, this book takes you from the initial stages of planning to achieving an eye-soothing landscape in reality.

2. Step-by-Step Landscaping (2nd Edition) By Better Homes and Gardens

Step-by-Step Landscaping By Better Homes and Gardens best landscaping books

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The next book on the list is a bestseller by Better Homes and Gardens. The book is loaded with breathtaking motivational photographs and 100 step-by-step projects. Hence, it allows you to assess your property, improve certain aspects and landscape with perfection. Further, the book includes ideal schemes for outdoor walls, patios, fences, gardens, and more. It insightfully teaches cost estimation, completion time, skillset, and required materials. According to the reviews, this resourceful book is an amazing inspiration to start landscaping.

3. LEARN TO LANDSCAPE: Master Realistic Color Garden Guide Of Concept, Tools And Technique To Landscape And Garden By Margareth Myers

LEARN TO LANDSCAPE: Master Realistic Color Garden By Margareth Myers best landscaping books

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Margareth Myers describes landscaping as an alive form of art. It is an intricate process where one needs to acquire different skills and techniques. Apparently, it is quite difficult to achieve these skills without any aid. This is due to the fact that different plants require different forms of caregiving to thrive in a landscape. Thus, you can consider this book to be a training guide that will teach you how to:

  • Choose plants
  • Mulch plants
  • Properly water plants
  • Plan a perfect backyard

Additionally, it sheds light on the development of a landscape over time.


LANDSCAPING FOR BEGINNERS By Landscape Design Academy best landscaping books

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Landscape design academy crafted this book for beginners to excel in landscaping. This book gives an overview of the basics of design, selection of plants, and patio project ideas. The reviews show that it is indeed made for beginners. Moreover, all the basics like climate, sun, soil, tools, drainage, and materials are discussed with clarity. Because it is packed with vital landscaping information and ideas, it serves as the perfect handbook to get you started with landscaping.

5. The Professional Landscaper’s Handbook: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Run Your Own Landscaping or Lawn Care Business By Michaels

The Professional Landscaper's Handbook By Michaels best landscaping books

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This book by Michaels is a straightforward guide tailored for landscaping business owners. It dives deep into the inner workings of a profitable landscaping business. Furthermore, the book covers professional lawn care. For example, it includes thorough advice on landscape management, turfgrass management, pruning, and irrigation techniques. Upon completion, you will get extensive knowledge on:

  • Managing landscapes expertly
  • Calculating a profitable hourly rate
  • Handling taxes accurately
  • The extra money from irrigation repair and seasonal pruning
  • Water savings
  • Proper fertilizer use

All topics are extensively researched so you do not have to fear trial and error.



Landscaping is indeed a profitable business. Brief overviews of the best landscaping books are given above. Whether you want to make your own property eye-catching or you want to excel as a landscaper, the above books will be of great aid. So do not hesitate to start your landscaping journey with these informative, trustworthy publications.

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