5 Books on Telepathy To Communicate Using Your Mind

Telepathy refers to when people can communicate with their mind itself. It is the transmission of information from one person to another’s mind without the use of any known human sensory channels or interaction. Telepathy can be used to transfer not just thoughts, but emotions and images as well. It is a controversial topic as many believe this to be pseudoscience. Regardless, many people are intrigued by this topic and there are many books that talk about this phenomenon. In this article, we have provided a list of the best telepathy books. These books talk about what telepathy is, and it’s spiritual as well as scientific foundation. Further, they also help anyone who wants to try out their psychic abilities and try this method of communication. 

The 5 Best Telepathy Books

Below we have listed the 5 best telepathy books. These books will provide you with information on this phenomenon. They will also guide you through techniques on how you can use this form of communication. 

1. Telepathy: Unlocking the Secrets of Sending Telepathic Messages and Psychic Development (Extrasensory Perception) By Mari Silva

Telepathy: Unlocking the Secrets of Sending Telepathic Messages By Mari Silva best telepathy books

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This book will teach you how to enhance your psychic and telepathic abilities. You will learn about: 

– The history of telepathy. 

– Advanced telepathy methods that facilitate mental communication. 

– How to use the power of telepathy to sway others. 

– Methods for distant and close telepathy.

You can transform from ordinary to extraordinary by using this book as your guide into the world of telepathy and psychic growth. This book will take you on a brand-new adventure unlike any other, with real-world examples to guide you along the way.

2. How to do Telepathy in 30 days. A short guide for positive people on reactivating our thought transference skills. We’re all telepathic. By Manu S

How to do Telepathy in 30 days By Manu S best telepathy books

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All of us have telepathy from birth. Simply put, we cease utilizing it when we are young. This book is a quick tutorial on how to revive your telepathy. 

This concise manual walks you through the steps you must take to prepare your mind and body for experiencing telepathy once more. Additionally, there are refinement techniques for enhancing communication and advice for developing your telepathy skills. Further, it contains reset techniques for individuals who are concerned they could get overstimulated by the psychic conversation they will once more have access to.

You should resume telepathic communication within 30 days if you follow the instructions and have a good mindset.

3. Telepathy: The Psychical Influence of Thought By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly

Telepathy: The Psychical Influence of Thought By Dr. Theresa M. Kelly best telepathy books

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This book provides clear, unvarnished explanations of telepathy for a semi-technical audience. It uses recent advancements in parapsychology, psychology, neurology, quantum mechanics, and related fields. Whether you are a knowledgeable layperson or expert who is interested in telepathy or trying to figure out how to use telepathy, this book will give you a thorough foundation. Moreover, it does so without difficult calculations on which you can build more complex ideas. This textbook will be a revelation for students of telepathic studies as to what behaviors and influences you exhibit Additionally, it teaches you how you can develop your telepathic capacity to a completely new level step-by-step. 

Topics covered include telepathic simulation, telepathic interaction, telepathic cognition (mind reading), and extrasensory perception (Idea and Emotion Sharing). 

4. The Sense of Being Stared At: And Other Unexplained Powers of Human Minds By Ruper Sheldrake 

The Sense of Being Stared At By Ruper Sheldrake  best telepathy books

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In this book, the author discusses the results of his extensive investigation of telepathy, the gazing effect, and remote vision. He demonstrates that these unexplained human abilities, such as the feeling of someone staring at you, are not paranormal but normal and part of our biological nature. To do this, the author draws on case histories, questionnaire responses, the results of experiments on staring, thought transference, and phone telepathy.

He also talks about how we can trace back the development of telepathy to the links between members of animal social groupings. Further, the book discusses how our minds and intentions are connected to one another, the environment, and even the future through intangible links that go beyond our brains.

5. Empath & Psychic Abilities: 2 Books in 1|The Practical Guide for Highly Sensitive People to Strengthen Empathy and Develop the Psychic Abilities of Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Reiki|Bonus: Empath Test By Audrey Taylor

Empath & Psychic Abilities: 2 Books in 1 By Audrey Taylor best telepathy books

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In this book, you’ll discover the various sorts of empathy and how to tell if you’re an empath. This spiritual guide teaches you not only telepathy, but other techniques that can help you feel closer to your soul. You will learn: 

– what extrasensory perceptions, telepathy, and clairvoyance are and how to cultivate them. 

– Learn what the aura is and how to interpret both your own and other people’s auras. 

– Learn the benefits of meditation and how to do it. 

– To improve your psychophysical equilibrium, learn about the chakras. 



We have presented a listicle of the 5 best telepathy books. These works offer a range of viewpoints on the subject. They also cover a variety of telepathy-related topics, from their philosophical underpinnings to their scientific foundations. Finally, they tell you about techniques you can use to communicate via telepathy yourself. 


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