5 Palmistry Books To Know Your Future

Palmistry, commonly known as palm reading, is the practice of telling one’s fortune by reading palm lines. This has been used as a fortune-telling method since ancient times. The lines humans have on their palms are thought to hold meaning. They can be interpreted in various ways, but are thought to be connected to a person’s destiny and thus predictive of their future. People who are experts in palmistry are known as palmists or hand readers. However, it is possible for everyone to learn the art of palm reading. We have compiled a list of the 5 best palmistry books for you to learn the same.

The List of 5 Best Palmistry Books

Below we have listed the 5 best palmistry books. These books discuss the various lines present on our palms and their interpretations. Further, they talk about how lines can change and how your mind can have an influence on these changes. 

1. The Art and Science of Hand Reading By Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen

The Art and Science of Hand Reading By Ellen Goldberg and Dorian Bergen

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In this comprehensive guide, the authors make powerful insights into the hand in an inviting and user-friendly way. The book discusses the personality traits and archetypes connected with each of the seven mounts of the palm. Further, they talk about how to determine which are most important in the nature of the individual. The mount archetypes show each person’s lifestyle, love, and marriage preferences; best career options; and unique strengths and weaknesses. Each major and minor line’s meaning is explained in detail, as is the person’s own mind’s impact on healing defects and obstacles found on their lines. Moreover, the authors provide precise timing guidelines for each line, allowing you to pinpoint specific events and track how your lines evolve over time. 

2. A Little Bit of Palmistry: An Introduction to Palm Reading By Cassandra Eason

A Little Bit of Palmistry: An Introduction to Palm Reading By Cassandra Eason

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You can divine your own—or someone else’s—past, present, and future by examining the shape and lines of the palm. In this book, the author explains the fundamentals of this ancient practice. She emphasizes the significance of “life lines,” “heart lines,” and other facts written in our palms. Further, she delves into the role of intuition and the power of touch. She also talks about the traditional meanings of lines, mounts, and markings, and how to bring it all together in a reading. It is an enthralling method to learn more about our own lives and the lives of others.

3. Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand By Richard Webster

Palm Reading for Beginners: Find Your Future in the Palm of Your Hand By Richard Webster

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Palm reading is much simpler than you might imagine. There are no cards, coins, or planet charts—just a hand and the information in this book. Whether you are a serious or casual reader, Palm Reading for Beginners will provide you with a wealth of information about yourself, your friends, your family, and your destiny.

If you announce that you read palms in any meeting, you will be surrounded by people eager to show you their hands. Thankfully, after completing Palm Reading for Beginners, you will be able to boldly and effectively tell anyone about their personality, love life, hidden talents, wealth, and more.

4. The Palmistry Bible By Jane Struthers

The Palmistry Bible By Jane Struthers

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Seers have used palm reading to foretell the future since ancient times. However, as you will discover in this illuminating volume, it is also an excellent method for self-exploration and personal development. The whorls, fingerprints, lines, mounts, and other geographic features of your hand disclose untold truths about your personality and destiny. Learn how to recognize and interpret those characteristics using extremely detailed images as a guide. Do you have the makings of an intense love affair? Will you have kids? Are you a pragmatist or a romantic? The solutions are right there in your hands.

5. Cheiro’s Palmistry: Book of Fate and Fortune By Count Louis Hamon ‘Cheiro’

Cheiro's Palmistry: Book of Fate and Fortune By Count Louis Hamon 'Cheiro'

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This is the full and unabridged text of Cheiro’s Language of the Hand, which is considered the bible of palmistry by both professional and amateur students. Cheiro was so famous as a palmist that even non-believers had their hands read by him. In Cheiro’s visitor’s journal, skeptic Mark Twain wrote, “he (Cheiro) has exposed my character to me with humiliating accuracy.” Moreover, Cheiro is said to have predicted the sinking of the renowned ship while reading the palm of the Chairman of the business that owned Titanic.

Cheiro composed this book based on his lifetime of hand practice and study in England, Europe, and America. In this book, he wrote that he endeavored to place clearly and candidly before the intelligence of the reader the rules and theories he found to be true, and from whose foundations he built whatever success he had achieved. 



This article lists the 5 best palmistry books to help you learn the art of palm reading. With the help of these books, you can now tell your own as well as others’ fortune. It is necessary to understand that this is not a scientific method but rather a more spiritual one. Regardless, if you believe palmistry can help you predict your future, then go ahead and grab one of these books!

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