The 23 Best Books on Domestic Violence

Family and domestic violence are quite common in the United States. It affects an estimated 10 million people every year. Every one in four women and one in nine men is the victim of domestic violence. Domestic and family violence includes economic, physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse of children, adults, or elders. It worsens psychological and physical health, and decreases the quality of life, productivity, and causes mortality. Yet, most of the time domestic violence issues go unreported (Huecker et. al, 2022). Below we have compiled our list of the top 23 domestic violence books from which victims can get benefitted from.

Top 23 Domestic Violence Books

We have created our list of the top 23 best domestic violence books which describe every aspect of domestic violence in detail. Victims can get clarity about their situations, and learn how to get out of abusive relationships. Finally, they can take inspiration and courage from real stories and spiritual scriptures.

1. No Visible Bruises: What We Don’t Know About Domestic Violence Can Kill Us By Rachel Louise Snyder

Domestic violence is more prevalent than we think it actually is. It is present at every level of society though we may not want to acknowledge that. As per WHO, it is a global epidemic and accounts for 15 percent of all violent crimes in the USA. It has far-reaching negative effects, from our economy to our education system, from mass shootings to mass incarceration. Yet, most of us are still silent about it.

In this book, the award-winning journalist, Rachel Louise Snyder shed light on the scale of domestic violence in the US, and eliminates the common myths regarding this problem. Through the experiences of victims, perpetrators, law enforcement, and reform groups across the nation, Snyder investigates the true causes of private violence, its significant societal repercussions, and what will be required to effectively address it.

2. Healing the Trauma of Domestic Violence: A Workbook for Women (New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook) By Edward S. Kubany PhD

If you are already out of an abusive relationship, this book suits you well and can help you a long way. Many women who are out of domestic violence often experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This book is based on clinically proven cognitive trauma therapy (CTT) techniques that will help you in relieving PTSD symptoms such as feelings of guilt, anger, depression, anxiety, and stress.

By following this workbook, you will be able to replace your negative emotions with positive, constructive affirmations. Through this program, you will be better prepared to face your fears, gain confidence, and create a fulfilling life.

3. Recover and Rebuild Domestic Violence Workbook: Moving On from Partner Abuse By Stacie Freudenberg PsyD

This is another self-help workbook for survivors of domestic violence. This book is loaded with simple healing exercises and journaling prompts that can help you recover from trauma and empower yourself. You will get all the tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness practice, assertiveness training, etc. to process your feelings and get rid of the ones that do not serve your purpose. The book will also inculcate healthy communication skills, and teach you how to maintain future relationships.

4. Domestic Violence: The Sara Farraday Story By Annette Reid

This is a book of fiction about domestic violence. It narrates the story of Sara Ramsey and Mike Farraday. They were in love and married each other. But it did not take too long for the reality to come to the surface. After enduring 8 long years of physical and mental trauma, Sara finally decided to get out of this relationship. Follow the story to see whether you can relate to your situation.

5. The Fear of the Blow: A Young Woman’s Gut-Wrenching True Story of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Alcoholism, and Redemption By Jena Parks

This book is based on a real story based on the life of the author, Jena Parks. In her memoir, The Fear of the Blow, she opens up about the torment her father inflicted on her and her family. She gave an insider perspective on the horrors of child abuse and domestic violence that can inspire the readers to help those who struggle. Through her story, you can understand how child abuse, spousal abuse, and domestic violence can go unnoticed for years and flourish in silence.

Jena hopes to protest this global epidemic and empower others through her writings. Be strong enough to read through this sad book as it can be really heartbreaking.

6. Why don’t you just leave him?: A true story of living through Domestic Violence by Stacey Jameson

This is another true story/autobiography of the author Stacey Jamson who found herself to be in a violent and abusive relationship. Stacey married her husband at a young age in the hope that she will find the love she always desired. However, they had completely opposite personalities thanks to their improper childhood upbringing. She quickly found that her husband was a narcissistic abuser while she was loyal in nature. Her husband’s manipulative and abusive behavior led her into self-destructive thoughts and despair. In this story, Stacey elaborates on why it might not be as easy as people think to get out of such relationships.

7. The Love that Hurts: A Story of Domestic Violence (The Relationship Quo Series Book 6) By Nicole Strycharz

This book recounts the story of Josefina and Ridge who were in deep love, but their relationship had a darker side. Yes, this is the story of domestic violence and abusive relationship. This book answers why people stay in abusive relationships, and why they are unable to leave.

The story goes on to show how domestic violence gets worse, with victims manipulated, controlled, and isolated from their friends and family. The book is an interesting read from start to finish.

8. When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse

This book is a comprehensive reference for victims as well as domestic violence professionals. It helps victims to identify whether they are in an abusive relationship, and how to leave that abusive partner. At the same time, volunteers and professionals can get tips from this book. It provides a better understanding of the issues in social and legal systems such as policies that do not work, mutual battering, child welfare, child custody and visitation rights for batterers, mandatory arrests, welfare reform, etc. It also talks about the effectiveness of batterer intervention programs and sheds light on domestic violence in the military.

9. Healing Well and Living Free from an Abusive Relationship: From Victim to Survivor to Overcomer By K. J. Wilson Ed.D

The author, Dr. Ramona Probasco was a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for twenty years and was herself a survivor of domestic violence and abusive relationship. In this book, she illustrates how to survive and overcome domestic violence through a step-by-step process. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the mindset of the abuser, breaking the cycle of violence, and finding a healthy support system. At the end of each chapter, she provides references from the scriptures to make you stronger. The book can be used personally or with the help of a counselor or support group.

10. Invisible Bruises: How a Better Understanding of the Patterns of Domestic Violence can Help Survivors Navigate the Legal System By Kaytlyn Gillis

In this book, Kaytlyn Gillis points out how the cracks in the legal system sometimes facilitate the cycle of domestic violence. She describes how the courtroom can act as a tool for the abuser to do further damage. At the same time, you can also find tips to avoid re-traumatization in this book. From her personal experiences of working as a Psychotherapist and advocate helping victims in the courtroom, she knows the loopholes in the legal system and reminds us that the law can do much better.

11. E M A P: Emotionally Intelligent Mindful Acceptance-Based Program (Emotionally Intelligent Batterer Intervention) By Wendy W. Coates

EMAP ( Emotionally Intelligent Mindful Acceptance-Based Program) is a trauma-informed treatment program for domestic violence. It is well suited for high-conflict couples. Participants of this program can get rid of their negative thinking patterns and can heal their old wounds. They get better control over their emotions and impulses through mindfulness training. This program fosters healthy boundaries, self-esteem, assertiveness skills, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, empathy, and responsible parenting. You feel empowered and more grounded once you finish this program.

12. Invincible: The 10 Lies You Learn Growing Up with Domestic Violence, and the Truths to Set You Free By Brian F. Martin

Often there is a lack of awareness about the profound impact domestic violence has on the children who grow up living with it. This book seeks to create awareness and understanding of this important issue among those who grew up living with it and those who care for them.

It narrates lots of real-life stories regarding this issue and also gives insights into the latest research on social science and psychology. Through this, the book provides a deeper understanding of the concerns and challenges of those who grew up with domestic violence. It also elaborates on the strategies that the victim can follow to reclaim his life and future.

13. Called to Peace: A Survivor’s Guide to Finding Peace and Healing After Domestic Abuse By Joy Forrest

This book is a memoir of the author, Joy Forrest who herself had gone through the process of divorce. Many women find it difficult to get a divorce from an abusive relationship. But even if they succeed in doing that, guilt and shame chase them. In this book, Joy shares her true story and insights which will help you in getting freedom from abusive relationships, and overcome your negative thinking through spiritual hope and inspiration.

14. Couples Therapy for Domestic Violence: Finding Safe Solutions By Dr. Sandra M. Stith PhD

There could be violent episodes in problematic marriages. This book is for those who want to remain together no matter what. The program in this book prioritizes the safety of the couples and assesses and treats them accordingly. The domestic Violence Focused Couples Treatment (DVFCT) program helps couples eliminate violence and embark on a new journey toward a healthy relationship. This could be an excellent resource for clinicians who want to implement this treatment model and researchers who want to study further on this topic.

15. The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help (How to End Domestic Violence, Mental and Emotional Abuse, and Sexual Harassment) By Jackson Katz

This bestselling book is from the author Jackson Katz who is a pioneer educator and activist on men’s violence against women. The cultural ideas about “manhood” plays an important role in men’s sexual harassment and abusive behavior toward women. This book covers topics such as mental and emotional abuse, sexual harassment, and domestic violence. It can be used by women who are getting abused or by men as a self-help book. The book also shares the roles men can play in challenging and changing the sexist cultural norms that often lead to gender violence.

16. The Gift of Fear By Gavin de Becker

These days anyone can fall victim to violence at any time. Through this unique book, the author De Becker teaches how to predict violent behavior and thereby save thyself. It covers all kinds of dangerous situations such as street crime, domestic abuse, violence in the workplace, etc.

The book is packed full of real-life examples and advice which can be utilized to restrain orders and implement self-defense. You will learn how to trust your instincts and act on them to save yourself, which is the key to self-defense.

17. Domestic Violence Perpetrators 52 Week Intervention Program Manual By Dr Sharie Stines

This book is quite helpful for counselors who provide batterer intervention programs. It contains 52 weeks of curriculum for the domestic violence intervention program. It covers topics such as Cycle of Abuse, Cultural and Socialization Considerations, Anger Management, Substance Abuse, Emotional Intelligence, Grief Recovery, Family of Origin Issues, Effects on Children, Power and Control, etc. The handbook can be used in groups as a reference and has personal exercises and homework.

18. Surviving Domestic Violence: Voices of Women Who Broke Free By Elaine Weiss

This book is about the true stories of twelve women who were survivors of domestic violence. It narrates how they empowered themselves and reclaimed their life through peace and dignity. Domestic violence can happen anywhere, to anybody regardless of the social and economic circumstances. Survivors can get much-needed hope and encouragement from this book.

19. A Troubled Marriage: Domestic Violence and the Legal System By Leigh Goodmark

In this book, Leigh Goodmark argues that the current legal system is deeply flawed in its interpretation of domestic violence as it only counts physical violence while ignoring other aspects such as psychological, economic, and reproductive abuse. So despite goodwill, the system fails to protect the women who are being abused. The system has mandatory policies which deny autonomy and intervention to abused women.

This book explores how the flawed legal system was developed, and what needs to be done to change it. The author dreams of a legal system based on anti-essentialist principles and suggests ways to look beyond the legal system to help women find justice and economic stability. She also wants men and the community to take part in the eradication of domestic violence.

20. Daily Wisdom for Why Does He Do That?: Encouragement for Women Involved with Angry and Controlling Men By Lundy Bancroft

This book is for women who are already in relationships with angry and controlling men. They will understand what they are in and why certain things can happen to them. The abused women can find courage and assurance to deal with abusers. They will find clarity, safety, and freedom regarding their situations. Once they learn to value and respect themselves, they can empower themselves and claim the life they deserve.

21. My True Story: Childhood Sex Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence By Kristina Martinez Gooderick

This book is the true story of the author Kristina Martinez Gooderick. It is recommended for 18+ readers only. It describes the story of what the author has endured at the hands of people who were supposed to love and protect her. The way the author survived the horrible situations and rebuild her life can be inspiring for many others.

22. Unholy Charade: Unmasking the Domestic Abuser in the Church By Jeff Crippen

Pastor and author Jeff Crippen in this book describes how Church can play its role in identifying the abusers. Abusers of domestic violence can be anywhere. This book discusses how to understand abusive minds, the tactics of abuse, the effects abuse has on its victims, etc. The author also asks Christ’s lovers to speak out for and stand with the victims.

23. Domestic Violence Sourcebook By Dawn Berry

This book covers all the aspects of domestic violence including historical, psychological, social, familial, and legal issues. The information in this book is up-to-date and comprehensive. You will learn about prevention and recovery, and the practical steps for escaping violent situations.

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We have discussed the best domestic violence books available out there. These books describe the social, psychological, and legal aspects of domestic violence. Victims can learn about different therapy and treatment plans they can avail themselves of. They can also find the resources they need in their everyday life to navigate this difficult problem, and the courage and reassurance to reclaim their life.

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